Wall Street Journal Just Learned What Choice Matters has Known for 40 Years

Guess who will determine the outcome of the 2012 elections! 
Who is that mystery demographic group?

Choice Matters knows, and has since 1972.

It’s not the independent, blue collar, or southern voter who is the swing voter, the one who will decide this election.

According to a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News, that swing voter is the suburban woman voter.

In other words, the voter that Choice Matters has been speaking to and cultivating since 1972. More precisely, most of YOU.

Yes.  You are the swing voter.  You are the voter who is not party bound when it comes to Choice. You vote the issue, and the issue most definitely is women’s reproductive health and freedom.

You are the swing voter who demands to have the full range of reproductive health rights.  You are the voter who will demand that the pendulum not swing backwards!

Choice Matters realized way back in 1972 that suburban women are smart, pro-choice and vote. That’s why we turned to you. Your names (and passion) fill our database.  Maybe you remember the first time we called and asked you to complete our survey on Choice. Every single person in our database has been identified as pro-choice — and that’s a lot of people.

Together, you and Choice Matters have elected many pro-choice candidates. And we must continue to do so. Our rights and our lives depend on it.   We need your support more than ever.  Please consider making a contribution today. 

Question:  Why is it that Choice Matters has known that it is you who can and will decide, and the Wall Street Journal is just finding it out, and apparently the current batch of GOP candidates still doesn’t know it?

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