The News about Primary Day 2023!

Primaries are being held
in the following Westchester County Jurisdictions:
The Westchester County Board of Legislators
2 Democratic Primary Contests
District 11 (Pelham, Pelham Manor & parts of New Rochelle)
Candidates: Terry Clements, Ximena Francella

Both candidates are rated A+/100% Pro-Choice
Incumbent Terry Clements voted for the passage of the Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act.
Ximena Francella is a Planned Parenthood Action Fund Board Member.

District 16 (parts of Yonkers)
Candidates: Christopher (“Chris”) Johnson, Shanae Williams

Incumbent Chris Johnson voted for the passage of the Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act and to Ban Conversion Therapy.
His Opponent Shanae Williams has no legislative record on these issues.WCLA – Choice Matters rates candidates for office at the County level and higher, and political action committees WCLA PAC and ProChoice Voter endorse in those races.

Whereas we don’t take an official position in more local races, we do wish to share information on individual candidates.
Democratic Primary – Mayor of New Rochelle
Candidates: Damon Maher, Yadira Ramos-Herbert

While his opponent is unknown to us, Choice Matters knows Damon Maher well.

Damon Maher is a staunch supporter of abortion rights and has been rated A+/100% Pro-Choice, and was endorsed by WCLA PAC. As Westchester County Legislator (District 10), Damon played a critical role in the drafting of the Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act.

New Rochelle is home to one of Westchester’s four Planned Parenthood clinics—and that’s wholly due to a former mayor and strong leader, Tim Idoni. When Planned Parenthood was making plans to open in New Rochelle, there was intense pressure exerted to make Idoni change the zoning code to prohibit the opening of the new clinic. Idoni stood strong against the anti-choice forces, allowing Planned Parenthood to move forward. Westchester has benefitted immensely from his fortitude.

In this post-Roe era, it is particularly important to elect mayors who are strong outspoken proponents of reproductive health care. Violence against providers is at an all-time high. We need leaders who are ready to act.

Democratic Primary – Mayor of Yonkers
Corazón Pineda-Isaac,
Margaret Fountain-Coleman,
Michael (“Mike”) Spano
While Fountain-Coleman is unknown to us, Choice Matters knows Corazón Pineda-Isaac and Mike Spano well.

Corazón Pineda-Isaac is an independent voice and a supporter of abortion rights.

Mike Spano is a different story. While Choice Matters rated Mike Spano as Pro-Choice and WCLA PAC endorsed him when he was in the NYS Assembly, that changed in 2018.

In March 2018, Mike Spano threw his hat into the ring to run for NYS Senate, the seat presently held by Senator Shelley Mayer.

Choice Matters asked all candidates seeking the nomination to sign a pledge stating they would NOT join the IDC if elected. The IDC had effectively blocked all reproductive rights bills from coming to the floor in Albany.

Mike Spano refused!

The IDC (the so-called Independent Democratic Conference) was a group of 8 NY State Senators who were elected to office as Democrats but who caucused with the Republican Party and protect its status as the majority party. For 7 years, the IDC ran the table in Albany blocking most progressive legislation including the Reproductive Health Act.

Spano withdrew from the race within 24 hours of Choice Matters making public his refusal to commit to not joining the rogue IDC.

Yonkers is home to one of Westchester’s four Planned Parenthood clinics.

Other Districts Holding Primaries
Democratic Primaries
Village of Mamaroneck
Mount Kisco
Mount Vernon
New Rochelle
Republican Primaries

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