Get Off the Sidelines!


Be a part of the movement and help to ensure that women have the right to choose! Let’s work together to make sure women have access to safe, legal abortions in the United States. Make a difference.

Why We Fight

Why do you fight for abortion rights? We believe that a woman’s ability to control all aspects of her reproductive health, including access to safe legal abortions, is a fundamental right. We support the original 1973 Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision which recognized abortion as a private matter and not one in which the government should interfere. We believe that restrictions on abortion result in the death and maiming of women. Neither restrictions nor the outright outlawing of abortion will stop women from seeking terminations. Instead, they will force abortion into back alleys again. We believe that making the choice to have or not to have  an abortion can be good for families and society as a whole. Every child should be a wanted child.

Our Mission is to keep abortion legal and to ensure that all women – regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, status, geography, ethnicity, or ability to pay – have full, unimpeded access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

How do you fight to protect reproductive rights? Choice Matters uses its ProChoice IDEA action plan (Identification, Education, and Activation of pro-choice voters) that we created in 1984. We identify voters who prefer pro-choice candidates and add them to our database. Our newsletter, ProChoice, our yellow Voting Guide (together with WCLA PAC & ProChoice Voter), and other timely information tell these supporters in approximately 70,000 households (over 90,000 individuals) which candidates are pro-choice. These supporters carry this information into the voting booths, casting their ballots only for pro-choice candidates. Our political action committees, WCLA PAC & ProChoice Voter, also call the voters in our database and tell them who in their area is endorsed and who is opposed. Candidates are endorsed based on their voting record and an interview with Choice Matters. This method has been proven to be extremely effective, but it’s very labor intensive! Please support our efforts.