Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Tennessee, Indiana

Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho begin enforcing near-total abortion bans today and North Dakota is set to do so tomorrow. As of tomorrow, 12 states will have outlawed abortion in almost all instances. These bans will contribute to growing regional abortions deserts.* 

This is what the United State looks like today, August 25, 2022.

1 in 3 women cannot access abortion care. Doctors are frightened to provide abortion care to women even in cases of a life-or-death emergency, for fear the state will disagree with their evaluation and, as a result, revoke their licenses and sentence them to a term of up to life in jail.

Tennessee’s ban has added to a regional abortion desert in the Southeast. Now, people seeking abortions in the South have few options — they can travel to North Carolina, Illinois or Indiana (where an abortion ban takes effect September 15). People who are under 15 weeks can also travel to Florida.

This is the reality and it is horrific.
 All who can procreate have a target on their backs.

BUT we can change the future. Not by sitting around and licking our wounds but with hard work. It will be a long haul. BUT We Can Do This! And We Must!

Choice Matters has been doing heavy lifting for a long time. We saw this coming, and we are prepared.

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