ACTION ALERT: CALL TODAY – Equality Amendment!

**PROTECT New Yorkers from this Extremist SCOTUS**
Make the following calls and emails TODAY.
There is NO time to lose!

>The NYS Legislature is meeting for a Special Session tomorrow, Thursday, June 30th.

> Tell your legislators they must include the Equality Amendment on the Agenda – and then they must PASS IT! It will enshrine abortion rights and gender equality in New York’s Constitution.

Demand Passage of the Equality Amendment Now! 

  • Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins – (518) 455-2585
  • Speaker Heastie – (518) 455-3791; AND

your own NYS Senator and Assembly representative. Find their contact information here:

The Bill numbers are: (A10468A/S8797A)

Here is a Sample Script you can use:
“Hello, my name is __________ from zip code ________. I’m contacting {legislator’s name} with an urgent demand. Call for the Equality Amendment to be put on the agenda at the Special Session tomorrow, Thursday, on June 30th, and THEN pass it.

If you don’t do it NOW, it will take two more years to get this to the voters. There is no time to waste, I want you to be a champion on getting bill number A10468A/S8797A passed this week. Thank you.”

Also: Email them using this simple link.


If they don’t do it tomorrow, it will take a minimum of an extra two years to make this happen!