Can a Truly Pro-Choice President Support the Nelson Amendment?

On February 23rd the President released his health care proposal and IT INCLUDES THE NELSON AMENDMENT! Tomorrow he will hold a meeting with Democrats and Republicans to create a health care plan.

 This is NOT the Pro-Choice  President we were promised in November 2008!

 The stark reality is that the President’s bill which is modeled after the Senate bill, as it now stands, will result in greater restrictions to access to abortion than any federal law.

 By adopting the Nelson Amendment, the President has basically incorporated  the Stupak Amendment!

The President’s bill, if adopted as it is now written, is a betrayal of all women, and specifically targets middle income and lower income women, and students.

Say NO! Click here to send a post card to President Obama, your senators, and your House delegates telling them No to the Nelson and Stupak Amendments. 

 The President’s Proposal=the Nelson Amendment=the Stupak Amendment

 If signed into law, abortion coverage that women can now obtain will be gone. Insurance companies are already on record saying they will not provide abortion coverage because they cannot afford the onerous obstacles this proposal puts in their path.

 The end result is the same: no abortion coverage in health care reform.

For details about these two amendments click:

The Stupak and Nelson Amendments – Know the Facts

 We must demand that the President drop the Nelson/Stupak amendments from his bill AND that our Senators refuse to support any bill that includes these amendments.

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