Election is a victory for choice

Barack Obama’s victory in yesterday’s presidential election was also a victory for choice. In addition, Colorado voters soundly defeated an anti-choice measure that defines life as beginning at conception. In South Dakota, an abortion ban was defeated that would have limited abortion to cases of rape and endangerment of a woman’s health. In California, a parental notification and waiting period proposition is set to fail as well.

Local election results are available here. Our endorsed candidates Elliot Engel, Nita Lowey, John Hall, Jeffery Klein, Andrea Stewart Cousins, Ruth Hassel-Thompson, Suzi Oppenheimer, J. Gary Pretlow, Amy Paulin, Adam Bradley, Sandra Galef, George Latimer, Richard Brodsky, Michael Spano, and Susan Capeci all won their elections.

Here’s a toast to choice and the next 4 years!

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