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New York’s 2024 Primary Day is now in the rearview mirror.

The big news of the night:  ProChoice Voter-endorsed George Latimer won the Democratic Primary, defeating the incumbent, in CD 16 which encompasses part of the north Bronx and the 12 cities, towns and villages in southern Westchester.

Although there is a Republican anti-choice opponent running in the November General Election, this is a solidly Blue seat. Winning now in the Primary pretty much guarantees Latimer will be heading to Washington DC as CD 16’s congressional representative, starting in 2025.

Latimer has already reached out, wanting to stay out in front on all reproductive health-related bills that are before Congress. We look forward to working with him!
It was a different story in the Working Families Party (WFP) Primary in CD 17 which encompasses northern Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and part of Dutchess, and in New York SD 38 in Rockland County. This is not good when looking toward the November election.

Pro-choice Democratic candidate Mondaire Jones lost the WFP line to an anti-choice stooge WFP candidate. His anti-choice extremist opponent is on the Conservative and Republican lines.

Democratic candidate and ally Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, who is running to reclaim his NYS Senate seat, also lost to a WFP stooge candidate.

The Republican party has been working to take over the WFP line all over the state. Their strategy is to get conservative allies to enroll in the WFP to create a voting block, and then to run a stooge candidate. If they are successful and their candidate wins, they believe they can mislead voters in November into thinking the name on that line is a progressive, stealing votes away from the Democrat. Is this illegal? Yes, as seen in 2014/2015 when the Independence Party named Rob Astorino et al. for “raiding” its line.
In the Westchester County District Attorney race, Susan Cacace defeated William Wagstaff III. 
Both Cacace and Wagstaff were rated 100% Pro-Choice. No endorsement was made here.

Despite having dropped out of the race, anti-choice Adeel Mirza’s name still appeared on the ballot. He picked up 7,153 votes (9%).
———————————————————————————-In the rematch for the New York State Assembly District #92 seat, MaryJane Shimsky defeated Tom Abinanti.

Both Abinanti and Shimsky were rated 100% Pro-Choice. No endorsement was made here.

This, like CD 16, is a Blue seat. Winning in the Primary means Shimsky is heading back to Albany.
———————————————————————————-The Major Take-Away

If Mondaire is to win in November, AND we are to take back Congress, YOU NEED TO GET INVOLVED!


We need to stop them and to do so, we need YOUR help to elect a Pro-Choice Trifecta! We must take back the House and hold the Senate and White House. 

ProChoice Voter Endorses George Latimer for Congress!

🔥 We are in a state of crisis never-before-seen in the world of reproductive health care here in the United States.

The situation has become so dire that a 6-week abortion ban no longer shocks — and the US Supreme Court just heard a case deciding whether the life of a pregnant woman is more or less important than a fetus. Can a doctor perform an emergency abortion when a woman is dying in the ER, if the state law outlaws abortion?

🔥 We need Reproductive Rights LEADERS. 
🔥  George Latimer is the Leader we need In CD 16.

There are two candidates rated Pro-Choice but only George Latimer is endorsed by ProChoice Voter.

Throughout his career, Latimer has been an outspoken advocate for women’s reproductive rights. He co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act while in the NYS Senate and the Assembly. He has supported pay equity, safe access to healthcare clinics, comprehensive sexuality education, and paid family leave.

Now as Westchester County Executive, George Latimer has taken on the mantel of leadership. He has taken it beyond “a vote”, making abortion access key to his governance. Since 2017 when he first ran against right-to-life endorsed, anti-choice zealot Rob Astorino, Latimer has spoken out on ensuring safe access to comprehensive reproductive health care. After the invasion of All Women’s Health in White Plains, the Westchester County Board of Legislators, with Latimer’s support, passed our Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act — the first law of its kind anywhere in the nation, protecting both access and services. George Latimer signed it into law the very weekend Roe v. Wade was overturned. Going a step further, Latimer is ensuring that Westchester’s police officers know the laws they are called to enforce when protecting reproductive healthcare facilities.

ProChoice Voter is proud to endorse George Latimer for Congress!

(This is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.)

Tuesday June 26th – A Very Important Democratic Primary

Pro-choice Congressman Eliot Engel is being challenged in the Democratic Primary by an anti-choice extremist.

An outspoken leader on the issue of women’s reproductive rights, Engel has been  endorsed by WCLA – Choice Matters and other major pro-choice groups.

After the onslaught of attacks in Congress, we must keep this seat in the pro-choice column.

**Many of you may not know it yet, but your congressional district may have changed because of redistricting which occurs every ten years after the census.

Call the Board of Elections (914) 995-5700 or Choice Matters (914) 946-5363 if you have any questions.

Did You Know You’re Supposed to Vote on Tuesday?



If you are enrolled in the Independence Party
& live in
Westchester Legislative Districts 3, 4, or 7 Come Out and Vote for:
John Nonna (CLD 3),
Michael Kaplowitz (CLD 4) and
Judy Myers (CLD 7)!!!

The Good Guys
Nonna, Kaplowitz and Myers are 100% pro-choice.
protect our women, children, and families.
They understand
the importance of our clinics, childcare, and health centers.

The Bad Guys
Their opponents are handpicked by Right to Life County Executive Rob Astorino.
Their opponents will be a rubber stamp for the extremist Astorino Agenda, and do not care about our clinics, childcare, or health centers.

The Good Guys
Judy Myers is the sponsor of the clinic access bill which will protect women’s safety and privacy as they enter and leave reproductive health centers and is supported by Kaplowitz and Nonna.

The Bad Guys
The opponents are Astorino’s puppets.
Astorino is creating a mini-me brigade.
Astorino  opposes the clinic access bill, so his handpicked  opponents do too–either they are committed to opposing the clinic access bill, or refuse to take a stand!

Nonna’s opponent is presently seeking the Right to Life endorsement.
Kaplowitz’s opponent is already endorsed by Right to Life, like his mentor Astorino.

Westchester’s Right to Life County Executive Rob Astorino is a rabid extremist, yanking funding away from working women and their children.  This is a man whose budget this year shows he only cares about those who vote for him. The rest of us–especially the working poor–are being thrown under the bus so that he can claim to meet budget promises. Trust me when I say we will all pay later in tax dollars for Astorino’s stunts.
Importantly, our County legislators decide many reproductive rights issues including prisoners’ rights, Medicaid expenditures, and more. The cost to your tax dollars will be huge if legislators do not understand these obligations, and only try to grab headlines, like Astorino likes to do, with penny-wise pound-foolish cuts.
Westchester cannot afford Astorino’s handpicked puppets–his personal mini-me brigade.

The Message Here:
Vote For Myers, Nonna & Kaplowitz

TUESDAY, September 13th!
Primaries have a very low turnout because few people realize the election is occurring.
Thus your vote will have a multi-fold impact!



*CLD 3: North Castle, Pleasantville, & parts of Harrison,
Mt. Pleasant, Ossining, Sleepy Hollow and Briarcliff Manor.
*CLD 4: New Castle and parts of Yorktown & Somers.
*CLD 7: Rye City, Mamaroneck Town, Larchmont, & parts of Harrison, the       village  of Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and Rye Town