A single voice – the spark that lights the fire

Across the country we’ve witnessed single voices sharing their stories – standing up, alone, and speaking out. Betting that their individual voices, a simple droplet, will become part of a river flowing into the ocean igniting a tidal wave, then a national repro tsunami.

Here in Westchester we had our own single voice.

On March 7th, the night of the State of the Union speech, one woman – 37 weeks pregnant – traveled to DC to stand along side the US Senate Majority leader, NYS Senator Chuck Schumer, to show the world what determination looks like. Kate Farley – a pro-abortion rights, second-time IVF success story –  told the world of her very personal and private struggle with holding a pregnancy.

Despite years of heartbreaking loss, just days before she was due, Kate ventured to Washington to share her story, to add her voice, in this very unjust war against women and comprehensive reproductive health care.

This is what courage looks like.

Kate concluded her detailed explanation of why in vitro fertilization was her only path to a successful pregnancy with the statement, “An embryo is not a baby.”

Not all of us have a story we are able to share, or a vehicle upon which to make it public.  And for many of us, we’d rather leave the past behind.

But, hopefully, all of us are inspired to take action.

There are 2 critical vehicles we each have available to take action, to make change at this moment in history: DONATE and VOTE.

NOT voting is NOT an option. Without your vote, we will definitely lose. Comprehensive reproductive health care will be gone. This week Florida joined the states with a six-week abortion ban. Doctors will go to jail, and women are being prosecuted for miscarriages. Republicans speak of passing a national abortion ban in the next Congress. SO NOT voting is NOT an option.

Donating is the second critical vehicle. Without your financial support we cannot reach new pro-choice registrants or mobilize our base. We need you to make a contribution. Can we count on you? Without you, we will lose.