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Abortion Rights – The BIG Winner!

Abortion Rights WON BIG on Tuesday, November 7th!

Abortion was on the ballot across the country — from Ohio to Kentucky to Virginia to Westchester County — and voters were decisive and unequivocal They voted to protect abortion rights and the candidates who stand for comprehensive reproductive health care, by a clear margin.

Ohio passed its proposition, putting abortion rights into the state constitution despite an onslaught of intentional deception by anti-choice zealots. With the passage of the ballot measure, Ohio’s six-week abortion ban is derailed. Ohio will be prevented from restricting abortion access before fetal viability.

Kentucky re-elected pro-choice Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in a bright red state. Beshear ran openly and proudly as a champion of comprehensive reproductive health care while his Republican opponent Daniel Cameron’s anti-abortion record became a key issue in the race. Cameron supports a total abortion ban with very limited exceptions.

Virginia defeated anti-choice Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin who wasn’t even on the ballot. Youngkin invested heavily in supporting GOP candidates to take control of the state’s Senate and House of Delegates. Youngkin — promoting what would have resulted in a GOP trifecta state win — promised a 15-week abortion ban. He LOST! Not only did the Democrats maintain control of the Virginia State Senate, they flipped the House of Delegates in their favor!

Westchester has re-elected its pro-choice Board of Legislators — a pro-active board that in the face of violence against women, providers and reproductive health care facilities — passed the first safe clinic access bill to ever become law in our County.

The candidates running on the Republican line for Westchester County Board of Legislators (and in several of the towns and villages) were anti-choice and many were extreme MAGA Republicans  — with a primary focus being to overturn the “Safe Clinic Access” legislation passed into law in 2022. There were enough contested seats on the ballot to change the balance of the Board on Legislators from pro-choice to anti-choice.

Our voters came out in force here in Westchester and pro-choice voters came out across the country. That did not happen by accident.

A lot of hard work, sweat and, yes, tears goes into this work. It cannot happen without your support. We need to keep our eyes on 2024 and use this election to propel us forward.


THE 2024 Elections are HERE! The ERA will be on the ballot in New York AND all the seats in the NYS Senate and Assembly. Please make a donation now in support of our work that starts today as we turn our focus to the 2024 elections. 


In Ohio, Hope Springs Eternal—Despite the Right to Life’s Incessant Opposition

On Wednesday, a bill—the Ohio Prevention First Act—which focuses on reducing unintended pregnancies through different steps including education and requiring Emergency Contraception to be available to rape victims, was introduced.  The sponsors of the Ohio Prevention First Act are two State Democratic representatives, Rep. Nickie Antonio and Sen. Capri Cafaro.

The Ohio Right to Life is opposing the bill. (One can only assume that the Right to Life groups all over the country  believe that education, i.e. an informed public, and protecting rape victims are bad things.)

The bill includes “…provisions such as reproductive health education, giving sexual assault victims access to emergency contraception (i.e., the “morning after pill”), creating a state teen pregnancy prevention task force, preventing a health insurance company from limiting or excluding coverage for FDA-approved prescription contraception and requiring a pharmacy to dispense any prescribed drug, device or over-the-counter medications.”**

The Right to Life argument claims that “[t]he abortion industry” is putting this logical bill forward and it will “decrease access to health care.”

Sponsors Rep. Nickie Antonio and Sen. Capri Cafaro say the bill is exactly about insuring health care and well-being.

“I invite members of the General Assembly to join us in supporting women as fully responsible and capable citizens who are entitled to full access to contraceptives, comprehensive reproductive health information and compassionate assistance for rape victims,” said Rep. Antonio in a press release. “Doctors take an oath to ‘first do no harm’ and I believe we legislators can apply ‘Prevention First’ as an important strategy to reduce unintended pregnancies and promote the health and well-being of all Ohioans.”**

The sponsors are introducing identical legislation in the Ohio House and Senate.