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Hillary 2016


FINALLY!  We have a Presidential Candidate who considers “women’s rights to be human rights and human rights to be women’s rights”.
Hillary Clinton has an outstanding activist’s record of advocating for women and their families.  
She is a candidate who:
  • „ „has and is championing comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all women;
  • „ is calling for equal pay;
  • „ is fighting for paid family leave;
  • „ is demanding changes to inadequate and repressive educational systems;
  • „ is speaking out domestically and internationally against the horrors of domestic violence and sex trafficking; and
  • calling “for a ‘movement’ to help women at work, arguing that women face not only a ‘glass ceiling’ but a floor that could collapse underneath them, erasing the gains made to win equality between the sexes”.
This candidate – who happens to be a woman— has made gender equity and advancing the rights and welfare of women key components of everything she has done.  At every turn, Hillary Clinton demonstrates that the advancement of the rights and opportunities for women and girls is central to who she is and what she stands for.If you are ready to support Hillary, Choice Matters is looking for volunteers to help reach out to voters in the coming months.  You don’t have to travel across the country to make a difference.

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