Calling All Pro-Choice Supporters: Co-sponsor of Bill Redefining Rape to Speak Monday 2/7 at Mount Sinai!

Congressman Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) who is co-sponsoring the bill to redefine rape, to make it  forcible rape—in other words, physically brutal—will be speaking at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Monday 7 February 1:00 PM
Hatch Auditorium
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
1468 Madison Ave
Guggenheim Pavilion 2nd Floor
New York, NY

We are calling on as many pro-choice supporters to be there. We must be there to show him we know what he is trying to do, and we say, “NO!”

Join with members of AMSA, Medical Students for Choice, Physicians for Human Rights, and  other groups who are planning to be in front of the auditorium.

Remember this is one of the Congressional extremists who wants us to: forget about the victim who was given a drug, passes out and becomes an unconscious target; forget about incest where a child is scared of her attacker; forget about the wife who is raped by her husband and forced to succumb; and forget about the rape that occurs with a knife to your throat.

A special thank you to the medical students of Mt. Sinai for organizing a strong opposition.

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