Astorino Sells Out Women for His Anti-Choice Constituents-Email

From: John Mark <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:25 AM
Subject: Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann & Rob Astorino
Dear Gentle Prolifers ,
Went to the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour Concert at County Center last night & it was Fun , Fun , Fun !
I met Rob Astorino there enjoying himself ( the only one in a suit ) , he is our friend of life and a friend of Jesus . We go back to before his 1st run for county executive when I met him ( with one of his small children over his shoulder ) at a Republican BBQ where he was one of the few who answered my questions “ are you running for office and are you prolife “ positively and enthusiastically . Last night I walked right past him trying to find my friend in the crowd and Rob tapped me on the shoulder , shook my hand , said hi and “ isn’t this a great show “ then told me he will veto the clinic access bull . In 2 days !
Hoorah !
HOWEVER . . . he wants , needs , would like , would appreciate MORE CALLS AND LETTERS asking him to do so . The other side is frantic .
In other words he needs us to BACK HIM UP .
If you haven’t BOTH called AND emailed him to say “ Please veto the clinic access bill “ do so NOW at 914-995-2127 .
Ask , no INSIST that your friends & family call and email him . . . now .
John Mark