Kicking Off 2012 with a Bang! Trust Women Week & Our National Online March !

Join Our National Online March
for Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice
January 20-27

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Choice Matters—together with over 41 other national and local organizations across the country—is participating in Trust Women Week this January 20-27, organized by the Trust Women /Silver Ribbon Campaign and MoveOn. We will organize one million people in a Virtual March to demand that local, state and federal elected officials trust womento make our own decisions about our bodies and our lives.

The Virtual March’s mission is Choice Matters’ mission: Keep abortion legal and ensure that all women, regardless of age, race, class, status, geography or ability to pay, have full, unimpeded access to reproductive health care.

MoveOn will alert its 6 million members that on the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a million women and men will express their support for the human rights of women that are callously disregarded by anti-woman politicians across the country. Choice Matters will send out an action alert for steps you can take to stand up for women during Trust Women Week – January 20-27.

We will show our numbers on an online map.  This will enable us to include the many who can not travel, or are frightened away by the extreme violence of anti-choice extremists.

Together we will build solidarity and momentum in support of women’s rights, equality and autonomy; access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health care services; and reproductive justice.

Every week should be Trust Women Week but, sadly, we know that is not the case.

Congress and state legislatures across the country have laid siege to women’s rights, launching an all-out-war on women! In 2011, the 50 states combined enacted a record number of abortion restrictions.  Legislators introduced over 1,100 reproductive health and rights-related provisions, up from the 950 in 2010; 135 of these were enacted in 36 states, an increase from the 89 enacted in 2010 and 77 in 2009.  Of these, 92 restrict access to abortion services.  This is a record breaking increase over any previous year. The U.S. House of Representatives jumped in, passing legislation attacking women from every direction—cutting funding to Planned Parenthood; passing H.R. 358 which literally allows hospitals to let women die rather than perform an abortion that would save the woman’s life; eliminating insurance coverage; and more.