Susan X

Dr Harvey Lothringer is a doctor who served four years in prison for performing an illegal abortion on a 19-year-old  woman who died during the procedure. He dismembered her body and flushed it down the toilet.

Imagine being 18, pregnant scared to death-it was very different In those days. I had abusive parents and no one to turn  to. Another doctor referred me to Lothringer after confirming my pregnancy.

A lot of people In those days did abortions. Most were greedy people who didn’t know what they were doing, but some were  concerned people with good reputations. Lothringer was there for the money and was totally unconcerned with what happened to his patients.

He charged me $400, which he made me pay up front. We went there in the evening. He wouldn’t let my boyfriend stay.

Lothringer and I proceeded to the operating room. He gave me a shot to put me out. As I was fading, I saw him come into the  room, stripped to the waist, with his German shepherd. I always assumed it was to dispose of the evidence, but I have tried not to think about it.

When the anesthetic wore off, I was crying and yelling and he was telling me to shut up. He couldn’t give me any more  anesthetic, because I had to be out of there as soon as he was finished. I got up and was not really feeling too terrific and he  said, “You have to leave.” My boyfriend had not come back yet, but he showed me the back door and said to go.

He had scraped so much of the lining of my uterus that I didn’t have a period for a year. Very soon afterwards, I read  about Lothringer murdering a girl. Knowing how he operated, I Iways assumed he was responsible. He was very strange.  Cutting her up and flushing her down the sewer! I remember acing about it and thanking God I got out of there alive.

It scares me when I read about saving the unborn babies cause the rest of the equation is the desperate young girls. I  as in no position to have a child. I had nowhere to go. I want no one else to ever have to go through this.