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BREAKING NEWS: The House Passes National Abortion Ban!

Abortion politics is trickling up. The U.S. House of Representatives took the 20-week abortion ban being pushed in individual states around the country and went NATIONAL with it – passing it today.

This ban is extremely dangerous for women’s health, and steps squarely between a woman and her health care provider.

This abortion ban is also unashamedly unconstitutional. In an attempt to punish women, this bill also establishes huge time-consuming hurdles for rape victims who choose to terminate their pregnancy. If passed into law, it would also establish criminal penalties, including five years in prison.

This bill is not about the fetus. It is about punishing and controlling women.

We will continue to see this “trickle up” anti-choice mentality make its way from the states to Congress. These attacks are and will continue to be relentless.

Together we must fight back. Please contribute to Choice Matters today, so that we can battle back. Let’s tell Congress: We. Won’t. Take. It. Anymore!

Together We Stand and Together We Win,
Catherine Lederer-Plaskett
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