It Really DOES Matter What You Do Today, On Primary Day!

Primary Day is Here!

Choice Matters Has Endorsed Richard Brodsky for NYS Attorney General
Tom Roach for the 89th NYS Assembly District.

Lest You Forget
Why it is Important to Use Your Right to Vote to Vote Choice

“I am a physician, but I am not a gynecologist, only an internist and nephrologist. While in medical school (Columbia 1965-1969) I became aware of the need for safe, sterile termination of pregnancy. As a senior student, I covered the acute gynecology service at night and saw a number of young women die horribly from the complications of illegal abortion. I watched, helpless, along with my resident, while these women succumbed to seizures, septic shock, and tetanus. I hope I never have to witness such torture again. One of my OB-GYN professors, Dr. Hall, challenged the archaic state laws and actually terminated some pregnancies: such was Columbia’s prestige that the DA refused to indict him. But until that law was changed, very few women had any choice, and many of them went to back-alley butchers.That’s why I’m pro-choice.” Eastchester, NY

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