Choice Matters Endorses Tom Roach in the 89th NYS Assembly District Democratic Primary.

“Tom Roach is committed to keeping the right to choose solely in the hands of a woman and her doctor, with no government interference. Tom understands that being pro-choice means trusting women to make the right decisions. He will fight against every attempt to limit women’s reproductive freedom.

Roach is a progressive leader who knows the importance of women’s reproductive health.
As a member and now President of the White Plains Common Council, Tom has proven he stands by his word.

Unlike his opponent, Tom has pledged not to balance the budget at the expense of women’s reproductive healthcare. Roach will not allow women’s health to become a bargaining chip in budget negotiations. Unlike others in Washington and in Albany, Tom knows you cannot horse trade when it comes to women’s reproductive health.

New York guaranteed women the right to choose in 1970–three years before Roe v. Wade and Albany must continue to do so in 2010!” Catherine Lederer-Plaskett, President, Choice Matters, 9/3/2010
90 years ago the 19th Amendment was ratified. No one gave us the right to vote. We took it because it was rightly ours, and many of us use that right — but not enough of us.

2010 must become known as the Year of the Woman Voter.

There is an unyielding attack being waged against us and our reproductive rights. We must use the ballot box and the streets to fight back, like our foremothers did 100 years ago.

Let’s make them proud!
Vote Tuesday, September 14th!

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