The Massachusetts Election Put in Prospective

Much has been said about the Massachusetts election over the past two weeks—what it meant; what it did not mean; and who was at fault.

Here’s a little insight: Perhaps more than anything else it was a matter of bringing Coal to Newcastle.*

Why would anyone go to Massachusetts and try to sell health care reform as the reason to elect a candidate?? Massachusetts is one of the few places in this country that actually has a mandated health care plan. Its residents know up-close and personal the pros and cons of mandated care. Why would a Massachusetts voter think it was a great thing to use his or her tax dollars to pay for health care reform in Nebraska? Massachusetts is already paying for Massachusetts!

Yes, Scott Brown ran a good campaign, but it wasn’t perfect! The Democratic machine simply failed to do its homework. Had they talked about the tax savings for the nation at-large if the uninsured no longer had to use emergency rooms for medical care, perhaps the unemployed, under-employed, and the simply-making-it-by would have stopped and listened. The Democrats failed to listen to the issues particular to the people of Massachusetts.

There are national issues, local issues and universal ones. The Democrats tried to make national concerns local ones without defining the universal elements and truths.

*For those who are unfamiliar with this reference: Newcastle Coal

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