WCLA-Choice Matters Endorses Alfreda Williams

There are two Democratic candidates running in the September 15th Primary for the open District 8 seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators, but only one of them is pro-choice.

WCLA-Choice Matters interviewed both Alfreda Williams and Karen Wompa prior to making endorsements. Both candidates described themselves as pro-choice, but only Williams truly is. The Board of Directors unanimously agreed to endorse Alfreda Williams because she unequivocally supports choice and reproductive health care. Karen Wompa was determined to be anti-choice due to her responses during her interview.

How We Endorse

WCLA – Choice Matters’ endorsements are made by its Board of Directors. Endorsements are determined case by case. To be considered for endorsement, candidates must complete and return WCLA – Choice Matters’ questionnaire and participate in an interview if requested.

Endorsement is considered only for those who unequivocally support:

  • access to abortion and contraception for all women, unimpeded by laws, restrictions, or regulation;
  • strict confidentiality for all reproductive health care;
  • coverage by public and private insurance of abortion and contraception.

Just simply calling yourself pro-choice is not enough for us. In the past, so-called pro-choice elected officials have gone on to support legislation that would weaken Roe v Wade or make it more difficult for Westchester women to have access to the reproductive rights that they deserve.

We stand by our endorsement of Alfreda Williams in the September 15th Democratic Primary and in the General Election.

WCLA-Choice Matters Board

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