Don’t like Abortion? Don’t have One.


Gov. Sarah Palin admitted to an anti-choice audience last Thursday that she considered having an abortion when she discovered that she was carrying a fetus with Down’s Syndrome. The speech was given to the Vanderburgh County Right to Life in Indiana.

It appears that Palin’s speech was intended to show the depth of her opposition to abortion. But–probably much to her dismay–her speech can  be applauded by the pro-choice community because it shows yet another  woman making a  choice.

Gov. Palin also mentioned her daughter’s choice to bear her child.

We are happy that the Palin family was able to make decisions about their pregnancies. Imagine if they had been  forced to abort their pregnancies because one had Down’s Syndrome and the other was conceived out of wed-lock.

Choice Matters and the reproductive rights community support all choices–whether to continue the pregnancy or not — and we will continue to fight to make sure that all women, including the Sarah and Bristol Palins of the world, can continue to have a choice.

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