“Women’s Health”

Last night, Samantha Bee from the Daily Show, lambasted Sen. McCain’s sarcastic use of air quotes when using the term women’s health.

Watch the video here, the part where he speaks about abortion starts 3:00 into the clip. TIP: You can move the slider to 3:00 in the video player below.

For those of you who cannot watch the video, here are some quotes from the piece. They are meant to be sarcastic and show how John McCain’s views on abortion and women’s right’s are a farce.

“Thank you John McCain for finally exposing the seedy underbelly of the women’s ‘health’ scam. Let’s face it, women love abortions and will do anything to get one. The later, the better!”

“Reasonable people can disagree about abortion, but still agree on the unimportance of women’s health”

“John McCain has finally put the concerns of women where they belong, in derisive air quotes”.

“I’m sure if John McCain were raped and had a baby growing in his penis, he would want it publicly discussed at the same level of abstraction. Without concern for his specific ‘life’ or ‘penis’.”

Here is another great Samantha Bee video interviewing people at the Republican National Convention about the Palin family’s ability to make a choice regarding pregnancy that she is looking to take away from others.

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