Maria Shriver Needs to Read “The Mismeasure of Woman”

Just last week Maria Shriver released, surprise, The Shriver Report. The report claims to be a portrait of today’s American Woman. The report is titled A Woman’s Nation. To pump up attention for the report, California’s First Lady has been making the rounds of the networks. This morning she was on CNN.

The portrait that Shriver paints is not the America I know or that in which most of the women I encounter live. It is sure not the America of the women who are most in need of a reform of health care that does away with gender ratings and age ratings. (Read more at: Raising Women’s Voices.)

Take the time to read the op-ed by Joanne Lipman that appeared in The New York Times, October 24, 2009, The Mismeasure of Woman. Meet the real lives of real American women.

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